Mailing and Fulfillment
mailing and fulfillment

Even the best design and printing means little if you don’t connect with your customer. Casey understands today’s competitive media marketplace and the need to get the product into the hands of the audience NOW! We answer that call with complete mailing, fulfillment and delivery services. From in-house addressing capabilities like high-speed variable data ink jetting, to delivery to your distributors in our own fleet of trucks, we get the product out, on time! Please read below for details on our wide assortment of services.

Casey can accept your mailing list as a:
  • Database file such as dBase, Fox Pro, Access and others
  • Spreadsheet file such as Excell, DIF, and others
  • As a ASCII Text file in a fixed length format or delimited field format
The preferred formats are MS-Excel or dBase. If possible, please supply mail list files in this format. There may be additional charges associated with converting other formats.
Mail lists may be sent to us via:
  • Attached Email or as a FTP transfer or InSite upload with your job
  • CD or DVD
The preferred method of transfer is to send the mail list files as an attachment to an email message. Mail lists are generally fairly small files so this works well. Please send the mail list file to our mail specialist,
After receiving your file we offer the following services:
  • Conversion to mail list file: Address correction and CASS certification (This verifies the address is correct and that it is an actual address)
  • NCOA (National Change Of Address Processing) (This verifies that you have the recipient's most current address. Please allow 3 to 5 business days for this service)
  • Pre-sorting for automation and carrier routes (This organizes your list by address to make it as easy as possible for the Postal Service to process and deliver your mail, thereby offering you the lowest postal rates possible.)
Variable inkjet addressing:
With our “VideoJet” Ink Jet printing equipment, Casey addresses printed pieces ranging in size from 3 X 5 to 11.375 X 17, at speeds up to 30,000 per hour. In addition to addressing, the "Variable Data" features can be programmed to give certain groups of recipients customized messages to appeal to their particular needs. A variety of fonts are available for the text of your message, as well as limited graphics capabilities.
  • Maximum 2" wide print area
  • Resolution up to 300 DPI
  • USPS and POSTNET bar codes
  • Bitmapped graphics
  • 360 degree image orientation
  • Position text horizontally or vertically
Sort/tie/sack for post office
(For both National and Local Distribution)
Generate standard mailing reports
Delivery into post office/entry into system
Parcel Shipping
With computerized entry to the United Parcel Service shipping system, Casey offers an automated system to package, label and arrange for shipping multiple parcel drop shipments all over the world.
Pick and Pack
Casey's fulfillment department offers "Pick and Pack" services whereby a number of printed pieces (i.e. poster, letter and brochure) are gathered and inserted into one parcel, then labeled and shipped.
If your entire order does not deliver upon completion of printing, arrangements can be made for Casey to store the product until it is ready to ship.
Casey offers a fleet of delivery vehicles, as well as special arrangements with a variety of common carriers, to transport your project to its destination.